struck by the hand, a manifesto for analogue

wednesday sermon. april 10, 2013.

struck by the hand, a manifesto for analogue

analogue:  work that shares motifs, characters or events with current media, in which the image is recorded as an analog.  anything hand/archaic made rather than machine/modern made.  technologies are tools.  if they don’t feel like the right tools for you, don’t indulge in their use.  documentation and keeping record of work through modern, digital methods seems a great balance for those of us that don’t feel inspired to create via the new technologies.  it seems rather silly of artists to ignore the importance of social media but that doesn’t mean you need reinvent your whole practice to suit a digital world.

in understanding media: extensions of man, McLuhan uses interchangeably the words medium, media and technology.  for McLuhan all technology extends our innate senses.  technologies mediate our communication, their forms and structures affect how we perceive and understand the world around us.  important to this understanding is the ability to balance hot and cool media.  hot, intensifying one single sense, high definition, demanding a viewer’s attention.  cool, low definition, requiring much more conscious participation by the reader to extract value.  archaic made items are more invested with the values of cool media, taking more effort to engage with.

feel the hand of the artist in every creation, the energy converted from invisible nothingness, to exquisite altered matter.  the human touch, personal inspiration and motivation.  making things is an aggressive assertion of the self.  take the components of the universe in hand and make and re-make, combine and re-combine for magic results.  force dull mundane objects to be your transubstantiated sacred subjects.  the use of old technologies will never truly fade to non-existence because of the nature of physical expressions to truly push a creator’s desires through to an audience.

there is a beauty in the individually manipulated way that analogue methods reproduce the world retaining a charisma and personality that belongs to the creator.  while the methods of film photography (lomography) may be a similar recipe, the end results are very different.  analogue is the meme’s method of macroscopically ordering the universe, while microscopically increasing the possibilities for combinations.

as the new era becomes more like living in the memory palace, a perpetual digital archive, the tiny touches of human agency become a meaningful message, massaging the brain connections to a more archaic mode of thinking.  a balanced brain will be able to move digitally and universally as well as through analogue and the intimate.  the modern artist, working with archaic ideas of shamanism and healing, will become the shamartist, navigating through all worlds like a cultural triathlete.


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