revolving to a new evolution

wednesday sermon. may 15 2013.

                         revolving to a new evolution

revolution seems to be cyclical in nature.  periods of great upheaval balanced with eras of settling and stagnation.  the root of the word comes from the movement of planets and creates images of electrons jumping up a stage in energy or ideas.  there is a certain violence that can be associated, even if it is just an agitated upheaval of thoughts.  getting ideas to spread, creating momentum to get memes moving, is the primary function of a revolution.  ideas to challenge the status quo and shake up thought patterns.

radicalism is the back lash to change. it seems we try out extreme viewpoints to find a middle ground.  if there are no outliers to the mainstream, there are no gauges for alternate behaviour.  radical thinking just shows us how far something can be pushed or stretched or revised.  living in extreme manners is not for everyone to partake in, but it is important to observe.  once the farthest reaches can be identified, cooperation can take place in the intersecting spheres.

when one feels disaffected with life and frustrated with systems, one can begin a change in their thinking, a personal revolution.  once we have sampled the ranges of living available, we can begin cooperating with others that share our same goals.  the best way to network these ideas is through an open source paradigm.  be interested in the world and its changing nature, share your thoughts and dreams with others, out of these interactions new ways will arise.

evolution, a new state of being after altering our previous configuration.  a revolution is a temporary period, a time of generated energy.  evolution is the continuing results of these upheavals.  revolutionary thinking is what jump starts the change, evolutionary thinking is what sustains it.  revolutionaries are those that see a change is needed and have the drive to break traditions and dare to be different.  evolutionaries are those that see which elements of the revolution are pursuant as a way of life.  evolutionaries are those amongst us that lead by example, that are always doing and incorporating new memes into their worldview all the time.  we should not be resistant to change, but strive to evolve to a state where we can manage anything that happens through wise living and sharing of ideas.


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