dream power, create your reality

wednesday sermon. may 1 2013

                       dream power, create your reality

dreamtime, the creation of the world by totemic spirits.  evolution of consciousness through interaction with the machine/meme elves.  an archaic revival of mass proportions is necessary to revitalise our worldview and shift the current paradigm into one of balance with the planet.  in the neurological study of consciousness it has been revealed, that the way our brain creates reality for us; the accepted input to our senses as interaction with the surrounding world, is surprising alike to the chemicals and synaptic responses as the brain remembers something and when its dreaming.

to be conscious, it is only necessary to be aware of the external world.  at some basic level the universe is made up of consciousness.  we are all one, interconnected, only through a quantum agreement do we remain separate from matter around us.  consciousness may be inherent to all things but a differing level in sapience and sentience set humans apart, along with several other species.  sapience being the ability to act with wisdom and judgement.  sentience being the ability to feel emotions and also to communicate those feelings.  it is why it is vital for ideas to be shared, for memes to combine and make new ones.  creating work that no one sees, doesn’t make an artist feel supported, or share their amazing view with the world.

you can use your dreams and desires to create a change in the world.  your passion will draw others to be inspired, either to help you or to do for their own passion.  convergent and divergent thought must have a space to dialogue and play, in order that authentic creative experiences be actualised.  art and culture can help start those dialogues, can create spaces for the actions and interactions.  acting creatively, playing, is a sacred art, it is the willful interaction of our individuality with the universe.

self knowledge, reliance and expression link people together to share their dreams in a safe friendly mindspace, to create a positive change for the future.  dreaming and thinking are not wasted time, they are driving forces of changing times.  dreaming and sharing your dreams with whomever will listen will inspire and delight.  if your personal dream isn’t to create, perhaps it is to enjoy others’ creations and surround yourself with whatever culture your find beautiful and uplifting.  making your dreams tangible for the world, may attract or repulse.  to those that are attracted, a community of ideas to be shared and strengthened will fuel more dreams.  link your personal strength and dreams to a collaborative convergence, share your personal memes with the wider world and watch reality (magic) happen.


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