self expression for social change

tuesday sermon. april 30 2013

                      self expression for social change

our modern society is based on ideals of individuality and self expression.  our ideas of liberty are based in equality and personal freedoms; freedom of speech, worship and congregation.  self expression as a social value includes ideals around tolerance that seek to improve overall life satisfaction of the majority of people.  public expression is a great opportunity to start dialogues about personal narratives and ideas showing our common human desire to aspire to liberty.  personal self expression can lead to a greater understanding of our individual psyches and through that a better comprehension of the world as a whole.

politics and economics should encourage and enliven the arts and expression, these enrich lives and generate happiness.  the happier populations are, the more they participate in commerce and create healthy culture.  religion should be a natural extension of our archaic drives and ability to communicate wonder.  technological innovations will increase as our ingenuity grows.  the more we can get input from individual knowledge and experience the better future we can envision and create.  each new evolution in taste and style will allow economics and demographics their interplay, enlarging audiences for everything.

an open, progressive society is how we can stop cycles of abuse and fear and move into a worldwide cycle of healing and evolution.  we are moving toward a time when self expression and a whole, healthy soul will be more important than an entrenched survival mode of being.  if our future contains ideas to give everyone security, sustenance and shelter, than surely it also contains a balanced view of a restored soul, expressing its joy

art and culture are the most important forces to self expression and the values it can engender.  it is the largest way to disseminate memes to most amount of people, through artistic expression.  fashion, cinema, art, music, culinary and sport are all creative methods of self expression, and the enjoyment of these cultural institutions is also part of the art, part of the expression.  all of life is a performance, all art is performative and participatory at some level.  as individuals it is our responsibility to interact with the world to the best of our abilities, to contribute where we may.  one never knows how expression uplifts others and how examples of difference and alternative narratives may save someone’s day.


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