personal myths for universal archetypes

tuesday sermon. may 14 2013.

               personal myths for universal archetypes

storytellers and artists are almost always using themselves as a template.  write about what you know.  make art about what you know.  solutions lie in difference and adding another voice to the multitude will bring more options to the table.  each individuals interpretation rounding out the whole of the archetypal experience.  one always finds aspects of themselves in characters they admire, and traits of themselves in the villains as well.

diversity creates depth through the inclusion of different brains.  by seeking other input and ideas and then filtering them into the artists voice, a more rounded portrayal can be achieved.  one single brain can only go so far in problem solving and the result can become flat and lifeless.  seek out new imagery and juxtapositions, allow differing interpretations to inform the creative process.  stretch your skills and inclinations and learn new techniques, it may be the key ingredient your recipe was waiting for.

pluralism is the inclusion of personal myths with the mass myths as a way of dealing with society.  much like a piece of art, by incorporating differing opinions and ideas into our interpersonal relations, a more rounded picture begins to form.  multitudes of solutions exist for problem solving, we just need to be receptive and perceptive of them.

an archetype is an important jumping off point.  a place where commonalities may be celebrated or commiserated.  from these universal points we can all make comparisons to our own situations and expand from there.  stories and art help focus, communicate and mediate the immediate personal and the abstract archetype.  frequently it is observable that many experiences are shared and even the most extremely exotic may reveal everyday truths.  there is no wasted existence, every human experience is as important to the whole of us, from the greatest and most successful to the toiling and the despair driven.  each will interact with archetypes wittingly or unwittingly, the agent of action is not the only mind learning about cause and effect, but all other observing minds.

we may learn about life by being told by others, or by reading or seeing things play out.  culture is the dispersing of this knowledge through clear or cryptic forms.  each creation is an interaction of something intensely personal with the archetypal forces of the universe.   our practices moderate the amount each element to the work, more personal to more universal as needed for communicating the memes.


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