downward and inward

tuesday sermon. april 9, 2013

                                       downward and inward

down, towards the planet, earth and soil.  down to mother earth that nurtures and brings forth food and treasures.  down the direction of the traveling rain, flowing water, heading down to the sea.  looking down one avoids hazards that may trip you, and find things that others may miss.  looking in helps one find deep personal truths and understanding of experience.  downward and inward are the directions of the sages.

earthy downward inspirations are commonly associated with qualities of heaviness, matter and the terrestrial world.  the element of earth is also associated with the sensual aspects of both life and death.  earthy people are calm, practical, stable and patient; however, they can also be stubborn, possessive, and nearsighted.  heavy thought, heavy ideas, memes with weight.  it is easy to get swept away by such mass.  water personalities tend to be emotional, deep, nurturing, empathetic, imaginative and intuitive; however, they can also be moody, jealous, sentimental, sensitive, escapist and irrational.  quick and changeable as water.  the inward gaze, intuition.  is it indeed a solitary flash, or is it tapping into some great reservoir of knowledge?  malleable and flowing, inward inspiration has the grounding of earth to keep it from flowing away before some understanding can be reached.  down and in, an introverts paradise.

Jung defined introversion as a focus on one’s inner psychic activity, extraversion as concern with the outside world; not primarily as it is view popularly as interpersonal relationship models.  the extroverts view is upward and outward, which we talked about yesterday.  the introverts view is not so much the opposite but the substance that fills the space of the exterior gaze.  meditation is an aspect of extreme introversion that can be practiced for short periods of time.

another aspect of extreme introversion is watching yourself through time.  a mind wormhole, creating philosophical time dilation, the living of the event, watching the past-self experience the event and watching yourself live the events as a strong and resilient survivor now, through that tesseract.  this type of awareness leads to an accurate visual memory and time-spatial recognition.  these skills allow creators better facilities for emotional resonance in work, and grounding practices in traditions that generate more intellectual and spiritual ties.

with good philosophical reason the ancients viewed everything as made up of the four elements.  balance in all things will serve you in the end.  to be neither too extroverted or too introverted.  to allow ideas the space to speak and grow and to be able to translate and share them with others.  from the deep intuitive inspiration of the grounded self far reaching imaginative futures may be realised.


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