don’t take it too seriously

tuesday sermon. may 7 2013.

                                 don’t take it too seriously

humour has a transformative element.  the ability to see something in a different light, from a new angle.  it can take the sting from painful events and allow space for healing.  it has a balancing effect and can be used as a relief in theatrical tragedy and real life tragedy.  rather than viewing simply as an act of self mockery,  it is a complete repositioning of viewpoint.  it is the minds way of playing in language and situation to find alternate solutions.  finding beauty and intellect in unexpected and unusual places.

there are aspects of the ridiculous in all parts of life, even the painful ones.  being able to see the humour in even the blackest most hurtful places, can help reframe negatives into positives, if only momentarily at first.  if one can also laugh at one’s own falls and faults, then people are laughing with, not at.  rigidity is not an asset; value the self but strive to become less inflexible.  loosen up and go with the flow, humour and the absurd will help.
there are aspects of ourselves and our lives that are imperfect and desirous of change.  taking perfection a little less seriously would make all our lives easier.  finding humour in it may help us accept who we are and situations we are in.

self-deprecating humor relies on diffusing a situation that may be arrogant or pompous; extending the hand of pathos to the audience.  equalising and recognising the pain of all.
the ability to laugh at ourselves turns moments that might be shameful and painful, into something that can be dissolved and shared amongst kindred spirits.  we respect the ability to turn a situation to advantage with style and grace.  mistakes, can be made better, they are not a reason to be undone.  find the humorous potential and laugh at our idiosyncrasies and shortcomings, while celebrating our uniqueness.  one will not be remembered for just doing deeds in life, but the manner in which the deeds were done.  it is how one handles the events of their life that defines who they truly are.

things will not always manifest exactly how we want them to.  keeping spirits up with joyous activities and finding unexpected humour in day to day life is a great way to stay open to new probabilities.  to be able to laugh at something, is not to forget it, but to put it aside, to see past it.  when we have a wider vision we can see more opportunities and can be ready to take them.


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