participation is required

thursday sermon. may 2 2013

                                 participation is required

to feel a purpose through life one must participate.  extend beyond the sole self and engage with the world in order to create meaning and move it outward.  second hand  experience will not feed the soul the information it needs.  authentic, visceral, and primordial, these are the sensations that stir up our memes and when channeled correctly, lead to great opportunity.  one can participate in the world at a philosophical level, at a community social level and a global social level.  engagement and action beyond the self is where change for the world happens.

basic participation is breath.  philosophically, inherence and participation are linked; by being, existing with the things inherent to us, we are participating with them.  through things that are innate to us and our interaction with them, we participate in the world.  there is choice, at some level, of interaction with the world, and how it interacts in return.

participation is also specific to our ideas/ideals of ethics and governance.  wishfully, we want more engagement, but it should ideally be well-informed.  for well-informed participation to occur, some version of transparency, is necessary.  for anyone to act in a transparent manner, there must be self knowledge and expression.  honesty with the self will lead to honesty with others.  openness, is achieved when we are comfortable and secure in ourselves.  communication will flow naturally when we are open and can state with clarity what we desire.  accountability is extended from caring about each persons concerns as deeply as your own, with empathy in our interactions.

radical transparency is a management method that will revolutionise the way we develop our participation.  nearly all decision making is carried out publicly.  all aspects are available for archive and scrutiny.  with access to a whole world of individually powered ideas better, innovative and creative solutions will develop.

to feel that we are seen and heard and respected is the core of a safe productive society.  to create that space, we must participate.  we must connect and support each other and participate in each others dreams to make the changes we want to be happen.


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