every single day

thursday sermon march 28 2013

                                        every single day

in blankness, in stillness and silence comes true inspiration.  ideas are always trying to find us.  they float like pollen between everything infecting it with information there for the gleaning.  this is why it is so important to practice a passion of some type.  whether it is a physical pursuit like climbing or cycling or a cultural pursuit like creating or even just active appreciation.  the key is the “active.”  thinking thoughts is not enough.  bacterium and the like don’t think about mutating and trying new forms, they just do it.  ideas are the same, sometimes they combine in awesome new useful ways and sometimes they just don’t.

give your ideas some power. write them down. even if its just a brainstorm bubble chart, or a to do list.  by giving the ephemera some substance in text, it gives them a chance at a more corporeal existence.  how often has a meme taken itself from the ether, moved through and artist or writer into a piece of fiction only to be so loved that someone must make it real.  one can not doubt the power of the meme.

do something for your soul everyday.  we clean our teeth with habits, we clean our houses with habits, we have lost the habit of caring for our souls as we should.  a drawing or a poem is as much a prayer as kneeling or confessing.  five minutes brushing your teeth will keep them healthy, five minutes feeding your soul will do the same.

don’t favour one sense over the others, keep yourself well rounded.  keep your notebooks and sketches, they idea may cycle around again.  some artists describe chasing a fleeting idea, or trying to catch or transcribe inspiration as the universe rolls it past you.  i have found that ideas are like a pack of feral dogs, if you feed them some scraps they may run off for a time but they will always come back.  i have birthed some very good pieces years after the embryo of an idea was implanted.

every dream is attainable if you persevere.  dreams only die when you give up on them.  push back at adversity, your ambition is important and it is there to fire your soul.  the point of life is to live it to the fullest, whatever that means for you.  stagnation is the enemy of life,  free flowing ideas is where life thrives.  everything that is created around us was once only an idea, a glimmer, a hope.  things that are commonplace and everywhere had to be conceived and created and championed and then became ubiquitous.  everything had to start slow and build up momentum.

tiny things everyday.  look at a new piece of art.  make friends with more artists, each one has a different perspective.  that’s something one can learn from the regular practice of life drawing. even if you are sitting next to someone, it’s not the same pose from their eyes, both stylistically and basic angles.  diversity will enable a broader view of any subject.  trying to grow all at once is a painful idea, if you grow a tiny bit everyday you may hardly even notice and the process may even become enjoyable.

if there is no grand idea; write something, draw something, buy an appealing piece of art for your hallway.  everyday.  even if your brain feels empty, no words, no pictures, silent.  keep trying, from that space inspiration comes.  the ideas sometimes get tired of crowding around and take a walkabout.  despair not!  they are still out there, the repeated practice of your passion will attract them and keep them hanging around.


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