ambition and drive

thursday sermon. april 11, 2013.

                                    ambition and drive

apathy, impassivity, perfunctoriness:  a state of indifference,  the suppression of emotions concern, excitement, motivation and passion.  isn’t this a major social ill in our modern life?  an apathetic individual has an absence of interest in emotional, social, spiritual, philosophical, and physical life.  individually a lack of sense of purpose or meaning in life has encouraged a culture of apathy.  it is easier to not do, to just stay home, to not take risks, to not feel uncomfortable.  it is appropriation of irony to its most harmful and undercutting.  irony is the beauty of unexpected outcomes, juxtaposition and miracles.  it doesn’t need to be ugly and dismissive.  the ironic form of simile, sarcasm, emphasize one’s meaning by the deliberate use of language which states the opposite of the truth.  a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark, is not the only usage of irony.  earnestness is the key to unlocking other uses of this profound tool.  god is an iron.

ambition as a state is an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, and the willingness to strive for its attainment.  it can also be itself the object, state, or result desired or sought after.  ambition is the desire for work or activity; energy.  often we see examples of ambition being a negative factor, and thus don’t have the same access to ambition as a much gentler force.  your ambition for fame and recognition may not be beyond the scope of your home, family, neighbourhood, or community, but some kind of ambition will fire your drive.

speaking of ambition and drive, is drive was too strong a word?  biological drive is the basic needs of the physiological self.  social motive is the recognised actions that one must adhere to in order to gain the desire of the biological drive.  a motive being something that causes a person to act in a certain way, do a certain thing.  the goal or object of a person’s actions is their motive, or in this framing the ambition.  the drive to create is much more than an incentive, it is an imperative, unable to be ignored.  this drive is indissoluble from the essence of the artist, the base desire and the desire to execute it.

ambition and drive are the two forces that will push our culture to a utopia, rather than the distopian end preferred by those ambitions in power now.  become an active agent in your own will.  really take control of your life by recognising how one must surrender to the drive and ambition to feel fulfilled and fulfill our goals.


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