sermon meme

monday sermon. april 22, 2013

                                      sermon meme

a sermon is traditionally an oration by a person of a religious persuasion.  now it is time for the sermon to move out of the established regimented churches and out into the world to live on extolling art and culture and the secular world.  the word seems to derive from a latin term for discourse, although some scholarly links have been made to ideas of ‘bringing together.’  arguably that is what a discourse could do.  the use of the term oration is indicative because that is defined as:  an elaborate discourse delivered in a formal and dignified manner.  regardless of the amount of interaction with the audience, there is a formal and learned tone to the affair.

i think of all the lectures and talks that i have been to.  all the archived talks and lectures i have watched and listened to.  these events operated just as sermons but were based in science and culture rather than religion.  religion has been used as a tool for fear and control for so long that a call to atheism is seem as a call to reason, yet clearly there is a power to the ritual, to the social to the cohesion it offers.

for so long religion has stolen and overlaid its agendas onto the people.  it is high time that the people overlaid their concerns and desires over the mechanism and institutions that religion has to offer.  Terrence McKenna spake:  spoken language is the way to hack virtual reality and with discourse and interaction you free yourself to enter a space of obligated awakening.  the great philosopher and teacher Socrates used discussion and discourse to achieve his purposes of stimulating thought.  it is always good to remember that our greco-roman civilisation was built on men who were scientists and philosophers who were also religious leaders, guiding the spirits, morals and ethics of their social peers.

many speakers talk about the ease with which talking can be sustained for long periods of time with little effort, more so than any other human activity that can be deemed work.  one can speak for hours at a time without breaking a sweat usually.  not many other tasks may be engaged in with full concentration and fervour without tiring the body to the point of exhaustion.  listening can also be engaged in on the same level.  spoken language is our first technology for communication.  finally our ancestors cooperating with grunts and gestures could develop nuanced and complex relationships incorporating burgeoning individual ideas.  no longer did a psyche exist solely alone, but with anyone that could share your language.

the memes need speakers and art, culture and spirituality need their champions in this age of confusion.  in the past with less general knowledge of science and anthropology religion and pedagogy was groping in the dark and trying desperately to keep their control of masses of people.  with the understanding that we are all intricately linked and parts of a greater whole woven together with consciousness it is time we re-invented a very affective medium to a greater purpose.


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