art as lens for information

monday sermon. may 13 2013.

                              art as lens for information

acts of culture act as lenses for the waves of information flowing through the universe.  artwork serves as a mechanism to focus ideas.  a point at which lines of thinking and fields of interest converge or from which they diverge, an idea focal point.  as with a regular lens a piece of culture may refract and redirect as well as intensify the memes.

the focus may be narrow and concentrated, creating images of clarity and distinctness.  focus may also be broad and overall, rendering things in a softer less defined manner, but perhaps creating images of balance and harmony.  an artistic practice of any kind is simply a way to exercise control of the lens and its ability to focus ideas into sharp or diffused existence.

art most definitely changes directions of ideas through changing their medium and thus the instance is refractory.  there is a certain amount of transmittance and absorption of the original memetic intent.  careful honing and use of skills will allow for greater clarity in communication.  information free floats everywhere, it is up to culture makers to harness and make sense of it through the lenses of their work.

by use of art you may bring far ideas into focus and make small ideas large enough to fully comprehend.  this is the power of art; to uncover what is hidden right in front of us all and seek out that which we might not yet know.  the tools by which our experiments are conducted are not always recognised by science, but will reveal deep truths nonetheless.  endeavor to discover your own lens and what mysteries it is destined to illuminate.


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