life drawing

life drawing is an important fundamental skill for all artists. not just for its meditative and practical applications but for grounding an artistic practice and linking individuals to a community. drawing for professionals is like going to a weekly sports practice, keeping the skills sharp. for beginners it’s honing those skills. it is also the vibe and conversation of the night, the music playing, the “gestalt” of the event and the intrapersonal inspiration of groups of artists getting together to create. for myself art arises in the same conditions that create life in a swamp. a chaotic yet organised mess of ideas and input that create new structure and meaning. a regular art group, especially one of life drawing, where the action can be linked to a narrative, simulates on a small scale that burgeoning atmosphere of evolutionary epiphany. even if your primary practice is not focused on drawing, the skills and experiences cross boundaries. in fact as a performance artist i find that drawing becomes more like play, facilitating lateral thinking and creative problem solving.

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