why art should be taught

a society that cuts off education in science will lose innovation and technological advancement.  a society that cuts off education in the arts will lose creative problem solving and personal advancement.  no one ever suggests that we can cut out math and science education, just add it in where relevant to the discussion, and yet this is most often the way with the arts. they arts marginalised as frivolous, yet a strong case could equally be made for teaching everything as art and addressing other subjects as they interact with that core.  the arts are; math, science, literature, physical education, social studies, history, current events and everything in between.  it is time to stress the importance of educating or society about art.

early on in artistic interest is a phase where we rely on copying what we see and stimulates us visually.  this is how we come to understand that we are engaged by drawing or painting or any other creative process.  then there comes a moment when we feel our own style, voice, theme and in that we become afraid of contamination, or making work that is derivative, that would no longer set you apart from the mass of artistic creations out there.  when we have time to instruct youth in art, the importance of connection, of resonance and building upon the foundation of art history can be discussed and understood.  rather than shy away from seeing what other artists in your field are doing, welcome the wealth of research that has already been done and give yourself a platform from which to explore how to do things differently.

a creative mind is a malleable mind, plastic and elastic.  in conceptualising, designing and realising creative projects, one learns to be adaptive and dedicated.  one learns how to compromise in a manner that is satisfying rather than frustrating, sometimes a project can not be executed without substitutions and alternate elements than were originally conceived.  by studying the arts you have a toolbox of other solutions from the dawn of art in prehistory to people working today using the latest and greatest tools.

making art is all about risk.  by pursuing the unconventional and making your dreams into reality it can teach you the skills of resilience and self confidence.  it can lead to becoming a better communicator, the ideas and intent of the artwork aside, there are many statements and proposals that artists must write.  a clear and concise and direct approach is a successful method.

there are many practical benefits to making art.  long term project participation allows artists to judge amounts of materials, create successful compositions and network for future ideas.  it is an important aspect of our society that every person should be participating in somehow.  it is cathartic, healing, and uplifting.  the greater our creative potential, the greater a future that can be imagined and then engineered.


One thought on “why art should be taught

  1. All this and so much more. Art is also in large part about, creativity! Creativity is essential to being human. Creativity is a process that requires looking inward for answers and then projecting outward. This process is the only way to come to know who you are and become who you want to be. The only path upon which you can find yourself … lose yourself and become yourself. Life’s dissatisfaction is often a reflection of not knowing who you are … get creating and find out!

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