the nude in nature

the nude in nature, two subjects i find most complimentary.  nature, either unfettered or manicured, is a symbol of our interaction with the planet:  to appreciate a wild vista much effort must be expended to get there, to appreciate a cultivated space, much effort was expended to get it there.  the body unclothed speaks to nature, as that is the way we enter the world and the one house we all have in common.  the evolution of figurative work allows us to understand the depth of the psychology of the nude in nature.

as a participant in art, one that feels the truth of the spiritual connection in the doing, the creating, to give your body as the canvas and starting point for the art process is a sacred act.  the art that is created has the potential to be uplifting and inspiring rather than merely titillating or skimming the surface.  to be naked of a costume but the costume of self, to be free of barriers between yourself and the landscape, of barriers between your soul and others is ultimately transcendental.

there is commitment.  there is a very real danger to climbing around outdoors unclothed.  i feel strongly about being able to shoot at any moment so i don’t wear very much and i constantly feel the closeness of the wild.  i feel a deep respect for our ancestors, their ingenuity and fortitude.  i have worked with photographers who love the morning light, so one must be committed to rising well before dawn, or staying up for the perfect moon angle.  i have stood in the rain and walked through frost and freezing dew because the art demands it and i know i can endure.

my body is a tool of art.  it does the tasks that i ask of it, whether that be sit and knit for twelve hours or dance a path of broken glass.  lately i have asked it to hold still as a reference for other artists to seek inspiration from.  it is a soul fulfilling act to provide a space for contemplation for others.  in furthering this endeavour i started working with photographers, bringing the dialogue back to the sacred and our interactions with the world.

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